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************************************************************************************************************** The Confession of an Ex-Devil

   This is the confession of an ex-member of a legitimate Islamic group who planned various schemes to trick Christian girls in converting to Islam.

 My name is Ahmad Awney Shelkamy, I was a Muslim previously.

I hope with all my heart that you help in the distributing of this book.

I grew up in Egypt as a Muslim I mentioned in my previous article, which was published on many websites, in Egypt.

I will write a brief account about my life when I was a Muslim.

I grew up in a true Muslim family; we lived in Giza city, Gammete El-Dole El-Arabia. My father worked as a construction builder. He was a leader in legitimate Islamic groups in Giza. He used to call people to prayer in the mosque; this is a religious practice in Muslim countries. He also preached on Fridays, which is the prayer day for Muslims and taught the Koran. In my opinion, he is a hypocrite for he secretly broke his fasting in Ramadan, the holy Muslim month.  He also used to force the children under the age of ten years to fast. When we were children, he used to force us to fast, and if we did not fast, we were punished through beatings. That was disgustingly amazing.

My father hated the Christian severely. In his point of view, Christian beliefs are corrupt. He taught us that they are heretics. He said, they believe that Christ, the son of Mary is the Son of God and in another verse in their heretical book, he is a mere prophet of God.

There were many of these accusations heard daily either from the sound amplifier in the mosque every Friday, their prayer day, as well as audiocassettes that were recorded ands old on every corner in Egypt.

There were so many prominent people in Egypt, such as sheik El Shaarawy and sheik El Ghazaly, who would follow that extreme line.

In this atmosphere, we grew up. My parents fed me hatred towards Christians since I was a child.

My father was a leader of an Islamic group, which organised several social activities such as, accommodation for Muslim female students who came from cities far from the university, a day care for children and a faction, which aimed to convert Christian women to Islam at any cost, and by whatever means.

This legitimate Islamic group followed a scheme that was planned since the regime of the corrupt President Anwar Saddat with the help of top religious and political leaders, along with a group of ignorant low socio economic people. 

These people became the foundation of the greater group to convert the Christian women and girls.

My father was so close to the corrupt President Saddat, who was going against the teaching of Islam in many areas, he followed these people blindly.

The purpose of this scheme was to convert the whole of Egypt to Islam within fifty years from the beginning of the time of this scheme. At the same time choke the Egyptian Christians in Egypt and force them out of their jobs, either they settle for hard labour jobs or be forced outside Egypt and migrate to other countries.

The Wahabby family funded this scheme; they are members of the Saudi Arabian Royal Family and various other Royal Families of the Gulf region. The money was pouring in from these people; they were willing to pay a lot of money for the women and girls. They wanted to convert the Christian women and girls at any cost. The cost for one-woman or girl reached five thousand Egyptian Pounds in the seventies and the eighties, which was a lot of money in todays value.

A few people shared this money; the person responsible for the conversion takes half the money, and members of the police force [if they helped] and any one else who took part in project. The money paid would increase from ten to one hundred thousands Egyptian Pounds, it depended on the social status of the girl, whether she came from a well-known family or not.

We used to have a special celebration for the converted girl in the streets, just to irritate and aggravate the Christians in the area and the girls family.

Woe to any one intending to obstruct this parade; whether the womans family or any other Christian.

There were always two police cars, one in the front and one in the back.  That was the tradition for the converted women up to 1985 when this practice stopped. Nevertheless, we kept on planning to convert the Christian women.

We mainly targeted the Christian girls and women just to shame the Christian men. If the Eastern man loses his sister, daughter, or wife, it will cause him a great deal of shame.

The plan was to attract the Christian girl through her emotions and appeal to her nature as a woman. If that did not work we used to trick the girl in moral scandals, and blackmail her to do what we want, which is, convert to Islam just to avoid the scandal, as we will see later on.

This scheme was a lucrative source of income for anyone in Egypt and was going on throughout the country.

I truly believed that by converting those Christians I have secured my self a big portion in paradise. This belief made us [the Muslim men] work harder and harder in this scheme.

I have married one of the Christians girls I have deceived, and from time to time I would ask her questions about the Christian faith, I loved studying philosophy. I wanted to criticize the Christian faith and even I wanted to write a paper about how fallacious is the bible. I started to study the philosophy of the apostle Paul, which I liked very much. I tried to ask my wife but she could not answer me. I started to read the New Testament and I liked it very much to the point of I could not stop reading it. I could not reject the truth in it and after many months I started to reject the philosophy of Islam. At that time I was quite with my wife, I did not talk much with her and I studied many books especially the ones of the early church.

One night the Lord Jesus Christ appeared to me and said I love you the Lord Jesus Christ showed me the wounds in His hands and His feet, He was so sad for what I have done to His Christian girls.

I went to my wife to ask her with tears rolling down my cheeks, what shall I do to become a Christians? My wife thought I was joking with her but I was very sincere in my tears.

In these pages, I will talk about how I managed to deceive many girls and women. How I planned to deceive them with every dirty trick possible.

I pray that whoever reads these coming pages to forgive me because I have done these things in ignorance.  I used to think that I was pleasing God, the god of Islam. However, by the Grace of my Lord Jesus Christ, I worked hard to steer back every girl and women I have deceived in forsaking Christianity and end up in a hellish religion. They have since all came back to the Lordship of Jesus Christ and His Grace.

I do not write this article just to tell my story, but I write it to blow the whistle. I write this to warn every person, and every Christian family, that we may learn from our mistakes and know the dangerous plans that target the Christians.

I fear that some girls and women think they are capable of handling such tribulation for a while and when they want to reverse their decision, they will be able to go back to Christianity with ease.

My sisters if you think that, you are mistaken. Things are far worse than you think. I write this that you may understand the schemes to plan your conversion. This is a dangerous plan against the Christians.

 To the spirit of my beloved and faithful martyr Salah Mahmoud, who shed his blood for the name of Jesus Christ after he was a member of an Islamic group. He was resisting the Lord Jesus and His church until the divine truth shone upon his heart, and the Lord Jesus was revealed to him. That was to me the beginning of the road to search the truth. His prayers were a great support to me, and because of it I became born again, I am a changed man, just like Saul who became Paul.

To him I dedicate this book, may our Lord Jesus Christ grant him eternal life with all the saints and the martyrs.


The earth and its fullness is the Lords


John Ahmed

April 2005


Listed bellow is the first case of the girls I have deceived.


First girl (N.M.A.)


This girl is from Cairo, she came to the city I lived in to study in the university  {my father worked as a construction builder and we moved to this city for a big project}. She was a very beautiful girl, I knew from her friends in the colleges that she is an easy victim, though she was a sincere friend to them but yet she was to them an infidel because she was a Christian. They planed for me to meet with her few times. I was trained to look as if I am truly in love with her. I used to start my conversation with her by asking few question regarding Christianity, which aimed to make her doubt Christianity. She answered me with unconvincing answers from my point of view, which made me change my tactics.  I had to deceive her by telling her I love her over and over. Many times I would shed some tears to convince her that I am madly in love with her. She believed me, and she ended up in bed with me. Things were going according to plan, her friends were aware of the affair and they encouraged her to keep going in this sin. I promised her of marriage and our Koran allows us, as Muslim, to marry Christian women, I convinced her of my love and of my respect to Christianity and if it was up to me I would become a Christian, but I cannot because I would be killed. I even went to church with her and bought some books from the church just to prove that I respect Christianity.

Sure enough I achieved what I want, she became pregnant and it was may chance to say we have to get married so our baby, the fruit of our love, would have a family.

She was very afraid and at the same time she could not think straight. I said to her do not sever your relationship with the church, keep going to the church and she did.

One Thursday she went to her familys home in Cairo and on Friday she went to the church and had communion as usual. She even went to her Sunday school; she was a Sunday school teacher. At night I was waiting for her with a suitcase full of clothes and with her jewellery on, I took her to my home in Giza. She spent the night there and in the morning she appeared in the office of the person in charge of the procedure of the conversion in El Azhar, the head office of Muslim clergymen and the Muslim university.  I planed her relocation to the city where I study until I finished university.

I changed her name from N.M.A. to Fatima El-Zahraa Mohamed Ali, which is a typical Muslim name.

Her family and friends and the church leaders did the impossible to change her mind, but there was no success. She was totally brained washed, she was sure that she is now worshiping the true God, the God of Islam. Five weeks passed by and I have achieved a victory for Allah and Islam. I received a large sum of money for this achievement and it was distributed among other people, as I mentioned before. Of course I have now a portion in paradise and full of virgins, so why should I keep a wife like this one. She is a harlot and betrayed her own faith. I decided that I would not have a child from one like her, sold her body for the desire of the flesh; and also I would not have my child with Christian relatives. The true me came to the surface, I asked her to abort the fetus. I used my rights as a Muslim husband to beat her up. I said {you have to work to eat} go and work as servant to your masters the Muslims, who took a harlot like you to Islam.

I repeated the same tactics, thinking I am helping my religion, my life here on earth and my life in paradise. Helping my religion by converting the infidel to Islam, and helping my life by earning a lot of money as a reward for my doings and helping my life in paradise by getting rewarded more portions in paradise.

Now this girl is working as a servant without a pay, she works to eat only.

When I have sexual desire, for she is one of my properties, I do it by beating her with such a pleasure for she is not a true Muslim. I was so sure that she became a Muslim because of her lustful desires only, that is why I wanted to have my revenge through hurting her by whatever means.

This went on for three years, seven month, and twelve days until that blessed day came, Sunday 1998 when I made the decision to accept Jesus Christ as my own savoir and redeemer. Jesus Christ was revealed to me personally after many researches and studies where I was transformed from a Muslim to atheist. I left every one, I was on my own, just to search the truth as I mentioned before {I have written about this period in a separate article}. I told my wife about my desire to become a Christian; she could not believe it when she heard me. She saw my tears and my sincerity, only then she could believe me. In the last three years, seven month, and twelve days I have succeeded to convert eight girls to Islam that is beside what my father succeeded to convert girls to Islam.

Thanks to our Lord Jesus Christ, with His help I have managed to convert the eight girls whom I have deceived back to Christianity, also many of the girls that my father converted to Islam. Now I am praying earnestly for the rest of the girls. I do receive good news about them; they are coming back one by one.


Let the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified



Girl D.B.A.

This is a story of a lukewarm Christian girl D. who had a superficial relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. She studied at a college about an hour and half from her home and came from a very well known wealthy family with social importance. Her father was a medical doctor and her mother was a pharmacist, her brothers also were doctors in the army with the rank of officers.

I wanted to convert her to Islam but I found this to be a very hard task as I realized that I couldnt win her through fake love. I had to use dirty tricks in order to get her to convert. As the saying goes The purpose justify the means, after all we, Muslims, are in continuous war with these filthy Christians, and we can only win this war through deceptions.

During this time when I was trying to convert her to Islam a young man called Yasser came to me asking me to help him in marrying this girl D.  He wanted help in converting her to Islam by any way possible, no matter what.

Girl D. had a close friend; who was a devout Muslim but she still regarded girl D. as her sister. I went and talked with her and convinced her that the Christian beliefs are corrupt and I recited what Allah said  (The Jews and the Christians will not accept you until you accept their beliefs) and also (You, who believe in Allah do not regard Jews and Christians as spiritual leaders, however he who regards them as a spiritual leader, he is one of them. God will not guide the unjust people.)  I told my Muslim friend that Jihad, who fights for the sake of Islam, claims that it is a duty for every Muslim to convert Christians and if you do this, not only will you have participated in the victory of Islam, but you will also be rewarded for this in paradise. My Muslim friend was convinced with these points because it was from the Koran and so she asked me what should we do, I told her that she has to be very friendly to this Christian girl, even much more than before, and she agreed. Meanwhile I went to a Muslim pharmacist, a fellow in our legitimate Islamic group and asked him for a drug that causes hallucinations, I told him that I wanted to drug a Christian girl.  He gladly provided that drug, as he believed that he is fighting for Islam and once again he will have a portion in paradise and will have many virgins in paradise.

I took the drug and it was in the form of tablets and asked the Muslim friend to put two of them in a glass of milk with breakfast and two in her meal at dinnertime and another two in her yogurt in suppertime. I told her As soon as you see changes in her behavior contact us immediately. As soon as she started hallucination, she contacted us; Yasser and I went and found girl D. hallucinating badly. I had with me a video camera and we started to joke with her, but she was not aware of what was going on, she was totally out of it. Yasser stripped her of her clothes and had sex with her while I was filming the whole action for three hours.

When the effect of the drug wore out and she found her self-naked and lost her virginity, she was furious, she cried and screamed. She cursed us with all her being; she cursed Islam and the prophet of Islam, Mohammed, she tried to tear the pages of the Koran.

I showed her the videotape, she was totally devastated, for the video and the pictures will be printed and distributed to all her Christian family and everyone who knows her. As we mentioned before she came from a prominent family and this will cause a lot of shame to them. Girl D. knelt down and begged us to spare her such shame, but all that did not move us.

We told her you have no choice but to do what we tell you, because your family will kill you if they find out about the video and the pictures.

She had no choice but to submit to us, and I was rejoicing when I saw that she was totally broken hearted and depressed.

We went to the Islamic group for fifteen days to prepare her mentally for the conversion, we brain washed her. The poor girl could not argue at all but was crying all the time.

Now came the time to go to the police station [it is the practice in Egypt that everyone who wants to convert to Islam has to go to the police station and the state security] and she did exactly what she was told to do.

We told her When the officer asks you why you want to become a Muslim? Say it is my desire to become a Muslim, tell him the following story:

I had a dream about the prophet Mohammed, God bless his soul and he told me peace be with you and the mercy and blessing of God be with you and the prophet Eissa [that is how they call Jesus in their Koran] was with him, who greeted me with peace, and said to denounce all the Christians beliefs for they do not approve of Mohammed as the messenger of Allah and there is no God but Allah. And Eissa also kissed the head of Mohammed and he said this verse from the Koran (He who accept any religion but Islam, Allah will not accept him in the last day for he is a looser). Also Mohammed had a wife called Aisha (she was one of Mohameds many wives, Mohammed married Aisha when she was six years old and he had full intercourse with her when she was nine years old) who also appeared to me in the dream.

The Christian girl did this in front of the police officer. Her family who has a high social status came to talk to her and her mother was in tears, but girl D cursed her mother and the two priests that came to visit her with her family.

I confess as an x-muslim this is the truth; this was a deliberately planned blackmail to convert her to Islam in front of the police officers. It was nothing but a play and charade in front of the police officers.

Her comment to her family and the priests that came to visit her was It is non of your business, I am convinced with Islam, I have the free will to do what I want, may God guide you to the right religion.

Finally all the official paper work went on as planned and girl D. became Aisha Abdul Allah El Mahdy, which is a typical Muslim name. Confessed the two sentences of acknowledging that she is a Muslim which are; I confess that there is no god but Allah and I confess that Mohammed is the messenger of Allah. And we finished the paper work in 48 hours. We issued her new name, Aisha Abdul Allah El Mahdy, which is a typical Muslim name.

Now we have achieved everything; the Muslim man succeeded in trapping this poor girl, and received a large sum of money, because she came from an upper class Christian family. I took 25% of this money plus another money allocated for persons who help in any way to convert Christian girls and women. This money comes from people who financially supported the conversion.

Everything took place as we anticipated, humiliation and disgrace to her Christian family. Her mother sold her pharmacy with a loss. Her father sold his clinic and sold every thing else and they went to Cairo. They went to a place where they can hide, they went to a crowded city, to Cairo. They were running away from their shame. 

Girl D. is known now by the name Aisha. She married to our brother Yasser and the poor girl deceived herself with happiness and thinking that now she embraces the true religion. Her mother in law and sisters in law gave her a hellish time.

She was married for sixty days, no more. Yasser felt he had his fun with her and there are no need to stay married to bad person like her. He had the satisfaction that she is one of his possessions now. He had his fun, and now it is time to divorce her.

Now Aisha has no place to go, we felt we should not leave her without a place to sleep so we took her to the head office of the legitimate Islamic group, to sleep and work as the lowest grade of cleaner, to scrub the floor in a clinics without pay, just for eating and sleeping. She stayed like that for three months [this is the period a woman has to stay unmarried after divorce, just to make sure she is not pregnant from the previous husband] After the three months a future husband came, who knew of her story and wanted to marry her.

He was one of the lowest working class in Egypt. His work was selling vegetable on a wooden pushcart, which is illegal to do in the city. This man was married with six children, he has to work two jobs, morning and evening to support his family, and both jobs were the lowest pay.

The poor girl begged us not to marry this man, for he was totally, utterly, absolutely incompatible with her. Her tears and cries made no difference with us for we were stone hearted towards her.

She married this man and experienced all sorts of ultimate humiliation with him; she had to work so he and his family can eat better. She worked as a servant in homes [this is the lowest grade of jobs in Egypt, they are usually badly treated. They eat the scraps of food and sleep on the cold kitchen floor] She sold vegetables on       the wooden push carts [as we said that was illegal and she was risking to be arrested any time and be put in jail.]

Every one saw her could not believe his eyes, she was the daughter of a medical doctor, she was the pride of her family and a very respectable girl. She was the dream girl for any Christian; she was actually more than any man dreams of. The poor girl became like a ghost from what happen to her.

The same thing was repeated with her second husband, she was divorced after five months. She did not marry again, after all she was married twice and had a pornographic videos, as well as many x rated pictures when she was a Christian girl. She was to the Muslims nothing but filthy being. She has nowhere to sleep except in a camp, it was a very temporary accommodation; she lived there in very inhuman conditions.

Finally she lifted her heart to Jesus Christ; she remembered her Savior and Redeemer. She cried out to the One who loved her so much that He gave His life for her, to save her from eternal hell. She cried out with all her being and said, Lord have mercy on me, I have sinned against You. The Lord had compassion on her, and answered her prayers.

By that time I was already a Christian and I had been baptized secretly. I started to inquire about the girls who have been converted to Islam. I knew how bad her condition was. My wife, who came back to the bosom of our Lord Jesus and the church, went with me to talk to her. My wife asked her if she wants to come back to the Lord Jesus, just like my wife did. Girl D. could not believe her self. She wept and wept, it was the tears of comfort, repentance, sadness, and joy all at once.

This time I took her into our new home, not like the first time when we took her to a Muslim home. We took her to pray and offer praises to the Lord. We praised God and sang all together that night.

Now we have to do the right thing. We have to inform her family with every thing. My wife went with member of her family and with a priest. They talked about the prodigal son and how he came back. Her mother, her father and her sibling, they all wept and wished if they can see her. We appointed a time for this meeting in a well-known church in Cairo, in which a lot of miracles happened by the mighty hand of God. It was a joyful occasion; a heart of stone would melt in a time like this.

I have expected some insults from her family, but there were none of that. On the contrary, they were very loving. Everyone was kissing and hugging her. There is no wonder in that, for Christianity is a religion of love and forgiveness.  I cried so hard when I saw such love to forgive the daughter. I was asking my self, why did we cause the Christian such pain and hurt? Why did we do that to them? I used to despise their smiles that showed on their faces when we criticize them or hurt and humiliate them. I used to say these smiles are smiles of wickedness and cunningness because they are a minority among us, they cannot show any objections, otherwise they know what their end will be and that will be persecutions. But now I do understand the secret of this smile, it is because of their love and forgiveness, it is the love of the enemy and being in peace with them. This character is only found in Christians.

After the meeting between girl D. and her family in the church, we went to her family home with all the dignity of a daughter. They embraced her with love and compassion. They did with her what the father in the gospel of Luke did with his prodigal son. Her mother bought her new clothes fitting for a daughter in a privileged family and her father bought her jewelry to welcome her back in the family. She is now the daughter of the king, Jesus Christ.

They had a family celebration for her return and they said over and over {our daughter was dead and now she is a live. She was lost and now she is found}

Girl D. came back to the bosom of her heavenly father. She has gained back her dignity and honor. She regained her radiance and angelic beauty, which was there before she started the journey of misery.

They submitted an application to the Christian clergy committee to become Christian again, which was accepted (in Egypt it is not that simple to go back to Christianity after a person becomes a muslim) one of the Christian lawyers volunteered to go to the court so she can get back her Christian name and her I.D. card. The court agreed to the request.

Now she lives in France with her Christian husband and her daughter. They all serve our lord Jesus Christ in the Coptic Orthodox Church.


Let the name of the Lord Jesus be glorified and exalted



Girl N. M. M.

This girl is the third girl I have deceived.              

She was a simple girl came from the countryside. She was in the high school studying to have a high school certificate. She came from a simple family and was very close to her father more than to her mother. She used to go the church, attend Christian retreats, listen to Christian sermons and watch videos of biographies of the saints.

She was emotionally attached to a hard working young Christian man; he was working in a Tourist Company. He worked hard to establish himself; he also helped his family financially. He was a deacon in the church; a devoted Christian and managed to establish a simple home for his future wife. But the mother of the girl did not like that young man and did not approve of her daughters love to him. She was a cruel mother; she did the impossible to destroy this love by whatever it takes. The mother abused her daughter physically and emotionally in front off her friends to humiliate her. The mothers aim was to get her daughter change her mind about her love to that young man, the mother tried to match her daughter with her nephew [that is common in the middle east] but the daughter refused and cried. The mother called her father in Cairo, which is where he worked and asked him to come to chastise the daughter. And that was not enough for the mother so she called her brothers to chastise her rebellious daughter and they did. They started by beating her savagely in a street of their village and the daughter was shocked and was stunned to this sever beatings and she run in the street hoping some one will save her from this savage beating and she entered into the first house she saw the door was open. It was the house of a Muslim friend told her following:

-Why they beat you like that? What they want from you?

-You should not be beaten like that.

-This should not go on like that, you are now old enough.

-Why do you accept all this humiliations?

-You deserve someone to love you and respect you, not to humiliate you like that.

All these words were said to the girl while she was crying and suffering from the pain caused by her family from the physical abuse and humiliation.

At that time the brother of the Muslim friend was working for us in the building business; his name was Hassan Abu Zide. He came to me with this story and I realized that this was a good and easy opportunity. I asked him do you want to serve your religion and the victory of Allah and his messenger? He said, of course I do. I said, if you want to do that, you have to propose to marry this girl and I will come with you to speak to her. I went and I spoke with her. I explained that the Islam religion is merciful with his followers and this Christian family is not worthy of you, they do not deserve you, they do not deserve that you stay with them and be one of them. You are a great blessing and they do not appreciate you. I have brain washed her and convinced her with the idea of revenge from her mother. I told her her mother would be humiliated if she knew that her daughter converted to Islam. Your mother and your uncles will be ashamed when they know that you became a Muslim. As well as she will escape the abuse of her family by marrying a man who will appreciate her. I told her we would give you a furnished home with what ever you need. We will give you a job after you have your school certificate.

The idea of revenge was so appealing to her; she wanted revenge from her mother and her uncles.

I planned her escape; the plan was that her Muslim friend would go to the home of the Christian girls family to tell the mother that her daughter will be spending the night with her, just to have some rest. It just happened that one of her uncles children was to be peptized in the following morning. They planned to go to one of the monasteries to attend the mass and get the child peptized. They came to take the girl to go with them and she refused to go with them because she was annoyed with what happened the day before. We watched the family car leave the village and then the Christian girl went to her home and packed up her bag and she run away with the Muslim man. They went to the police station and she met with the officer to finish her papers of conversion.  The officer told her; I cannot do anything for you because you are not 18 years yet. If you insist on conversion you have to go to El Azhar to give you a new birth certificate (which will be a false birth certificate) I immediately told the Muslim man to go to an apartment in Giza and from there to go to the head office of the security department in Egypt and there, they said the same thing about her age, being under the age of 18 years.

I contacted sheikh Abu Elyazede in the village, Berma, Tanta and asked him to hide the girl and he agreed immediately. We took the girl to his house and in this house we started giving her a lot of tablets and drugs aimed to rob her of her understanding and will. We brain washed her with the help of a group of Muslim clerks. The combination of these drugs and tablets with the Muslim clerks made her loose her understanding and her will.

She stayed in sheik Abu Elyazede house for a period more than three weeks. At that time her village, which enjoyed calmness and serenity, became a ball of between Muslims and Christians and because of this girl, which she is still a minor. The head officer of detective group in the police office of the town went to the village with rage and fury saying; the girl declared she is a Muslim and anyone say a word of objection, I will arrest and detain him. That provoked the Christians more and the conflict started against the Muslims. One of the Christians attacked the Muslim mans house, which the girl ran with him.

Now the village was surrounded with armed vehicles and police forces for more than forty-five days. I say the truth except for the courage of the Christians; there was no hope for this girl to come back.

We changed the place of her accommodation from sheik El Yazedes house to sheik Mohammeds in another village where she stayed for ten days. We continued giving her the same tablets and drugs and the same meetings with the Muslims clerks. We moved her again to Cairo then to Giza. Within this time we succeeded to issue her a false birth certificate through sheik Nagy Yadim in Bihera state in Lower Egypt that she is twenty-two years old. This sheik used to offer many services to our and every Muslim group works in the field of the conversion; he has faked many papers for us.

We went to El Azhar to finish all the paper work needed and changed her name to a Muslim name.

We heard that there is no stability between the Christians and the Muslims in this village. Christians started to distribute leaflet against Islam, as will as attacking Muslims men.

I went secretly to pray on Friday in the mosque of this village and after the prayer was finished a number of the Christian men attacked us and we were wounded. I was wounded in the forehead, which required six stitches; I do have a scare until now.

One of the member of the parliament intervened to the benefit of the Christians, he was a Muslim. The whole issue of the conversion was accelerated, and it was to be reviewed by the police minister, who ordered that the matter be investigated. We brought the girl to sheik Yasser in Samalot to stay in his home until the full investigation finished. We took her to another home; it was the home of Ibrahim Abdul Aziz. He was one of the legitimate Islamic groups and worked as engineer in the water board. He was a friend of sheik Khalid.

We desired that the whole investigation would end up to the benefit of Islam, especially after the intervention of the human rights group; the girl sister went on hunger strike.

Within that long period of the absence of the girl N. we were diligent in giving the girl the same tablets and drugs and having the same meetings with the clerks and Muslim ladies who work in the field of conversion,  that went on every day and for a long period.

Because the law was very clear on the issue of conversion, we have to ask the girl a direct question about how much she is convinced of the Islamic religion, if she said she is convinced, she will go to the parish of the church in this area. It was not legal to declare her conversion until she reached the age of eighteen years old, which was the legal age. The fake birth certificate was not accepted. If she said she was not convinced to be a Muslim, then in this case she has to be handed over to her family immediately and every member of the police force was involved in this matter, has to incur a punishment. One of the major persons who were punished was police inspector Ishmael Adham El Barkawey; he was the head officer of the detective group, who provoked the Christian in this village. He was transferred to a remote state and was not allowed to handle any investigation any more.

We started to plan for the interview of the girl N. with a representative of the police commissioner. She told us I would do anything you want me to do.

She was deceiving us.

The police car came to transport her; she was wearing the full covering of the face and the body to the state security center to meet with her father. As soon as she saw her father, she burst into tears and kneeled at his feet asking for forgiveness. She asked him to take her to her sister, we told her your sister is on hunger strike and you should sign that you are becoming a Muslim because that what you want to do and in this case she will stop the hunger strike. If you are late in making the decision your sister will die.

Girl N. was so sad for her sister but she was so scared of us. She went to meet the police commissioner representative and he asked her about her true feeling about Islam. He was surprised to find out that she was cursing Islam and all the Muslims. She wanted revenge from all of us.

The decision was made to hand her over to her family and cancel the fake certificate of her conversion, which was issued by El Azhar, the head office of the Muslim clerics, and the story was to be reviewed by the persecutor office.

It was the baggiest blow to us, we felt that what happen was the ultimate shame for us and the Muslims, because of her and the Christians young men who set the whole issue on fire. The girl and her family moved to where her father worked, it be in Kalyoob, near Cairo. I tried to deceive her and tell her that I am madly in love with her and I am willing to become a Christian for her sake but all my deception was in vain. I almost lost my life by the Christian man that she is in love with.

Now she worked with a well-known Christian lawyer and she is a mother to three children.


Let the name of the Lord Jesus be glorified  



Girl B.G.M.

She came also from a village; she was a student in the university. Her problem was a repeated one, which was the sever meanness and nastiness of the family to her. She is a petite girl and she was pretty. She was simple girl to the point of naivety.

She used to ride a microbus [that is a mean of transport between places where there are no trains and big buses] She used it daily from her village to her university. She always takes the front seat in the microbus. I saw her and she caught my attention with her child like face. I saw a snake around her neck, which is the gold cross.

I asked the driver of the bus about her, his name was Ali El Sawy, he said that she is a student in the university and she always ride with him.

He was not a devout Muslim but I have convinced him to become a radical Muslim. I talked to him about the Christians and the war against them, I told him that he has to be partaker of the Jihad against them and the war with these infidels has to be a series of many tricks and deceptions, I told him it is your choice to acquire a portion in paradise if he declared the victory of Allah and his messenger Mohammed.

I started to set a perfect plan, which I used many times and it is still being used until now and I warn against it firmly.

I bought numbers of Christian booklets and pictures from a Christian bookshop. I told him to deceive the girl by telling her he is a Christian person. Every time the girl B. rids with him he gives her a booklet or a picture. This was repeated many times. He told her that his name was Samaan [that is a typical Christian name. Muslim and Christian have different names. There are some names are common]

The relationship between them became strong. He used to wait for her every day to give her a lift anywhere she wants to go.

They started to go out together to some parks and this was repeated over and over.

She trusted that false Samaan and he deceived her more by playing Christian songs in the tap player of his microbus when they are alone.

She started to trust him and shared with him the nastiness and cruelty of her father, how he is so mean, he was one of those who considered having girls as a daughter is a misfortune and disaster.

This went on for seven months; she was so sure he is a Christian man. She used to call him on his home phone, he was living alone, and he was the only person to answer the phone.

She would ask him to meet with her to tell him her pain and suffering from her father and in return he would comfort her and show he really cares.

The time came to reap the fruit of the whole scam. I told him that he had to go to the next step and that is to convince her to run away with him and hid in one of the monasteries and then get married.

He did and girl B. was convinced with the plan. The time came for the fake Samaan to plan the run away. He decided when no one at the home of girl B, they will go in to collect her belongings. She was so nave she even took her bible with her.

We went to a Muslim family and it was the ultimate shock to her.

I told her the following;

-The time came to speak frankly.

-You cannot go back to your family because if they found out by now that you have run away and if your father saw you now he will kill you.

-You have no way out.

-You have to wear the Muslim covering.

We chose a Muslim name for her and that is Zenaab, after all it was the name of an honorable Muslim woman in the early time of Islam.

She cried, she begged and tried to convince us to let her go, but there was no success. We told her if you want to go to your family we are not responsible for you if your father killed you.

The poor girl was so afraid to the point she lost control over her bladder and urinated. She cried and screamed and hit her self because of the utter shock. The way to overcome this behavior was at hand; we gave her the same tablets and drugs we use in circumstances like this.

She preferred not to go back to her family fearing the wrath of her father for he will kill her.

She stayed for a month in this apartment. She used to spend daily an hour and half with sheik Ibrahim, an hour with a woman her name was Lamiaa and an hour with another woman her name was Hanaa. So she spent every day three and half hours hearing lectures about Islam and was asked by the these people questions aiming to make her doubt the Christianity. 

The time came to go to the state security, after we prepared her mentally. She refused to meet with her father. A priest came to meet with her and talked with her for an hour and half. Her comment was  may our god guide you to the right religion as he did with me she would not say any more. The priest asked her to convince him with Islam, but she would not answer him with one more word.

She was married to Ali El Sawy and went to live with him but he turned her life into hell and she also turned his life into hell. If she refused to obey him in any way, he would beat her with a rubber hose, he also used to burn her with the cigarette butts in her private parts just to cause her sever pain.

She was extremely depressed; she was crying all the time, which made him very made at her and he would beat her more and more. He humiliated her to the ultimate and no wonder he already got his reward, he cashed a big sum of money and I also received my reward.

Girl B. who is now Zenaab was divorced after only fifty-three days.

She lost absolutely every thing. She lost her study, her dignity, her family, her friends and colleagues in the university; she was in their eyes the lowest of the lowest.

She went to live in the dorm of the Muslims girls not as one of them but as the lowest grade of cleaners without a pay. She worked for her accommodation and the bare minimum of food.

She stayed like that for four months and married and was divorced again. She was a desolate for a year and two months.

The mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ was so great and His heart was open for her when she prayed for the Lord to deliver her, for He is a compassionate and merciful God and girl B. came back to Christianity.

She lives now in Sydney Australia with her new family.


Let the Name of the Lord Jesus be greatly magnified. 



Women SH. SH. H.

She was a nominal Christian; she was a lukewarm in her relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. She did not know much about Christianity, you only know she is a Christian from the golden cross that dangled from her neck.

During the period of her education in the university she caused a lot of problems to her family because of her many bad loose relationships with men. Many times her father would drag her from rendezvous with these men.

She met a nice Christian man, he was serving Jesus, and he wanted to make an honest woman out of her and married her, though the priests of the church disapproved of this marriage as well as his family.

She lived faithful to him for a very short time and after that she started to be rebellious against him, she started to cause problem with him for no reason.

She has two beautiful boys with him; these boys were so good looking. She started working in a school and there she met an old colleague, his name was Khalid Abdul Rahman Mekawy and she started to flirt with him.

Khalid was a very poor person; he used to work hard to earn few Pounds to help him financially. Woman Sh. Started to talk money from her faithful husband and spend it on Khalid.

Her home was far from her school and she used that as excuse to come late and advance her relationship with Khalid.

Khalid came and told me about his relation with this woman. I told him You can get seven thousands pounds if you succeeded in converting this woman to Islam and I will work hard to get you another three thousands pounds and that will total to ten pounds.

I planed a meeting for him with her in his apartment to have sex and I informed the police about it. The police came and caught them in the act. They went to the police station and we told her that she has two options, the first one to document the incidence and she will go to the court for a trial. The second one to correct this mistake and convert to Islam and marry Khalid,

Of course she chose the second option.

She was released [that was an illegal action from the police stand.]  She went home and got some cloths and went back to the police office. From there a lawyer met with her his name is Mohammed Abdul Zaher and took her in a car belongs to the Azhar and there they finished all the paper works required.

She was supposed to take action against her husband to ask for the custody of her children because she has now the better religion, Islam. The law in Egypt states that if any of the spouses became a Muslim he has the right to have custody of the children under the age of eighteen yeas old because Islam is a better religion than Christianity.

The husband new about this law so he took the children and disappeared in another city until one of the priests helped him to migrates to another country and he did not come back.

After she became a Muslim she kept her original name, she refused to change it, but her life became hell on earth. Khalid took the ten thousands pounds and gave it to his poor family. They lived, Khalid and woman Sh. on the hand out of the Muslim families; they wanted to reward him for his achievement to convert a Christian woman to Islam.

Woman Sh. wept so hard for not having access to her children, she missed them badly.

Two years went by and she did not see her children, every moment was like ages for her. She lived very poorly as well as the lack of food. She became very sick for she was emotionally broken. Sickness has its effect on her she looked like a ghost. Many times she tried to commit suicide and she was saved from that.

Finally she was divorced from her Khalid after her father paid him one hundred thousands pounds, that was through me after I was baptized into Christianity.

When her father saw her he could not recognize her, she was in a very bad shape. He accepted her as the father accepted his prodigal son. No one knows what she would end up to if her father did not accepted her.

Her paper went to the authority of the Coptic Church and two Christian lawyers handled her case without any cost and she won the case to become Christian again.

Her husband refused to accept her as a wife but he allowed her to see her children for a month in the year.

She lives now with her mother and a brother in one of the coastal cities after her father passed away.


Let the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified.


Woman H.H.Gh.

This woman was married to a simple man employed with the government. He was a decent man and had a son; he was accountant and two daughters, one studying to be a medical doctor and the other daughter studying to be a dentist.

She was a careless woman, though her husband was a very faithful and a loving husband to her.

She was a big spender and he tried to meet all her request. The children of this woman were very close with the church and had a good relationship with the Lord Jesus.

This woman needed a handy man to do some work to be done at home and a man from work; his name was Mahmoud Farahat Abdul Nasser offered to send her a man who can do this work. This worker aimed to go to her home when her husband was away, his name was Hussein Abdul Bakky.

I new from Mahmoud Farahat Abdul Nasser about this woman and I told him I would like to take to the worker Hussein. I told him about how important to wedge a war with these infidels and we have to win this war against them and make Islam a victorious religion. I told him he has to fight for the god of Islam and the god of Islam will reward him with a palace in paradise as well as he will choose as many virgins as he desires.

He asked me what should I do? I said she looks like she is an easy target, you have to make her a sex object in her home and in the marriage bed, and this man was younger than her 21 years.

And he succeeded in the plan and he came and told us what happened. She became addict to adultery; she would call him to go to her. This practice went on for several months. She preferred him than her husband; he was younger and more masculine. He would practice strange sex with her.

Now came the zero hour; he went to her and told her

  - You are so gorgeous.

  - I cannot go on without you.

  - A young girl does not now what you do.

  -Your husband does not value you and he does not meet your needs.

  -If a husband does not meet his wife physical need, she has    the right to ask for divorce. 

  -Does not Christianity approve of divorce?

  -We have no other choice but one solution.

  -We need to enjoy our love.

These deceiving, manipulating and devilish take found a way to her logic. She went the second day to her work and I was there waiting for her. There were also a lawyer waiting and sheik Khalid, he is a member of one of the Islamic groups. We took the woman with us to the stat security and we met with the representative of the government security, who was disgusted from the whole set up. The representative tried to convince her that this is not a good move but she was prepared mentally for any objection from any one even her family.

Her family came to meet with her, her son came first and then her two daughters. They tried to convince her to change her mind but she cursed them and said you are all infidels and children of infidels. Her husband came and kneeled before her, pleading with her to change her mind, but her heart was like a stone.

All the paper work needed was finished in twenty-four hour.

And now came the time for her beloved man, the one who she forsaken everyone for his sake. She looked for him and found him nowhere. He cashed his reward, fifteen thousands pounds and run away with this money.

He left her to marry his sweet heart, a Muslim girl and now he has a good start in life with this kind of money.

This woman looked for him everywhere and when she found him she said, Where are you? let us go and get married he cursed her and spit in her face and said I marry a prostitute like you. You are the scum of the earth. You deserve to work in a brothel, I am a Muslim man, and I am a pure man not a filthy one like you

She could not believe herself when she heard that. She has sacrificed her life, her husband, her children and her family for this person sake. What is going to be her grievous reward? And why not, for the one who sells her body and soul cheap will be sold cheap. Any one buy anything cheap, will be easily through away easily and put away in the trash.

This woman tried to contact her family but she could not find them.

Her husband took his children and run far away from the shame that they suffer now. That shame will torment them forever. She tried to contact her sibling but they refused to meet with her. She went to some Islamic groups to live there until she finds someone fool enough to marry her.

Two months passed by and while she was crossing the road from Cairo to Aswan, a police car hit her. She had so many injuries and the driver was not at fault because she was walking and paying no attention to the road. She was stressed out for what she ended up with. She lost every thing. The pedestrians were screaming at her to caution her but she paid no attention to there warning.

The car accident caused her many broken bones and some fatal injuries. The ambulance came and took her to a public hospital. No one visited her, not even her sibling for they did not want to have any thing to do with her.  No one ever visited her except me; I visited her and paid some expenses; which was paid by the imams mosque next to the hospital.

She stayed in the hospital for few months; she had many surgeries and ended up with a permanent disability in her foot. She has to use a metal walker to help her not to fall down.

Now she has nowhere to go, how she will manage financially? Where will she live? She lost every member of her family, her husband, her children, her sibling and her friends. Now she lost her work also.

Some kind people took her to live with some family in a small flat in one of Cairo cheapest area. A social worker did a case study about her and they issued her only twenty-fife pounds monthly. Some people gave her small donations, which did not help much.

This condition went on for more than two and half years until I got baptized.

After I believed in Jesus Christ as my savior I new about this womans condition. I had to repent from all my past sins and one of these sins was, to work hard to get this woman back to Christianity.  But I needed the help of her family and her sibling. This was a huge problem to overcome; her husband and children said that she has died. Her sibling said we will never now her. I needed the help of her family now other wise it will be a hard job to get her back.

One of the bishops in Egypt with the help of some of the church monks played a big role in convincing her children and family to accept her as member of the family again.

The family agreed to see her and talk to her. I have planed, this time for her to escape from this state to another state, where her family lives. The meeting went on in one the priests home.

And what I have expected happened, one of her siblings when he saw her he was so angry with her and a brawl started but the priest and some of the people present in this meeting intervened and calmed her sibling.

I said to every one present there that I take full responsibility for the whole matter, if any one wants revenge, avenge me not her. I have deceived her all the way.

All her children went and kissed her and embraced her and we were all in tears.

The priest, who was a scholar in Islam, asked the woman about her belief in Islam and why she chose to convert to Islam. She replied that she never thought that Christianity has any faults in it and she knows nothing in Islam, she does not know the basics in Islam not even the simplest prayer [equal to the Lords prayer.] 

She went to a womans home that are dedicated to serve Jesus Christ, just to make sure of her true intention to come back to Christianity.  They wanted to be sure that she is truly repented of her past and she was indeed.

All the paper work finished with great difficulty [any person converted to Islam cannot go back to Christianity for he will be in the eyes of Islam and the law of Egypt disloyal to Islam and infidels and deserves a punishment.]

Unless the hand of our Lord Jesus Christ was with us, it would have been impossible that she could reunite with her family and her children again.


Let the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified.


Girl M.A.T.

This girl was the biggest and hardest punch to the Christians in every state for the high status of her family, socially and intellectually. Her father had a very prominent place in the society; he was a very powerful man in his hometown and in the whole state. Her mother was a deputy minister and was about to be promoted to a higher position. The girls family came from a well known and a well to do family.

This was a big blow for her father prestige; this girl was also a university graduate. I would like to mention that what happened with this girl happened with many girls and it is still happening and will happen with others if they are not cautious.

Girl M. was lacking nothing at all; she was living a very privileged life and had many friends, Christians and non-Christians. She was a believer in Jesus Christ, she followed all the church rules, she knows many verses and was diligent in honoring every lent of the church.

I got to know her through one of her Muslims friends and she knew my intention of knowing her, she knew that I want to convert her to Islam. She agreed to introduce me to her, just for the victory of Islam and declaring that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammed is the messenger of god. She also was hopping to obtain a portion in paradise. I started with her the game of love, I played the role of a lover, who is madly in love and totally is attracted by her captivating beauty. I deceived her that I am a very moderate, I am secular and I love all people, some one who accept all religion, loving every one for who they are and I came across that I adopt the socialism thinking. I even tried to deceive her with some question that make her doubt the Christian faith, just to come across as a some who do not believe in religion. Her answers were proving that she knows Christianity, I did not hear these answers from any other girl and I have deceived her that I was some-how convinced with her answers. I did not tell her that I am a married man and my wife was previously a Christian and became a Muslim, but I told her that I am a Muslim man and I am searching for love.

We used to go out together with her Muslim friend and her name was Amal Ramadan Abdul Aleem. This friend has a big role in this relationship and that was, to speak with her about our friendship, this gone on for eleven months.

I made sure that this friendship to come across as a pure one from my point of view, for she was a member in the church choir team, so it would be hard for her to fall in sin easily. My focus was on her emotion and many times we wept for the hopelessness of our marriage and she tried to talk to me about Islam and I deceived her that I am convinced with her views. As days and months went by, she became very attached to me, she wanted to see me every day and we went out every day together.

One day we went together to the monastery of Saint Samaan El Khraze in Mokatam and I acted as I was in reverent there but deep inside I despised every thing there. I even got money from may pocket and put in the donation box and showed reverence to the icons there, just to convince her that I approve of Christianity.

In this day I told her  I started to be convinced with Christianity but my father and my uncles are Muslim clerics and if they knew that I became a Muslim they will cause a huge problem.  Please have some patience until the lord resolve this problem in his own time

Weeks went by while I am deceiving her that I am convinced with Christianity and I am willing to covert to Christianity if only we lived in a foreign country and now we have to be apart for a while, we should not see each other again. This was a huge surprise for her and it was a cruel one that made her cry badly and she refused to be apart and we had this conversation:

*What can we do we love each other

**You know I love you too and I cannot live without you

*What do you think we should do?

**I know how you feel about me but it is hard to do what we want and it is hard to do it now

*How long we will be apart?

**If I become a Christian my family will cause a huge problem and we have no income.

*I have some jewelry we can sell them.

** What after we run out of money plus I will not live off your money.

       *We can find any job just to survive according to our means.

**I have an idea but I do not know if you will agree to it or not?


**I will eventually be converted to Christianity when we leave Egypt to anther country, but I do not know when.

*This means we can be apart for many more years and that will be too much to bear.

**The only solution is you sacrifice for a while. I promise you that this is a temporally solution and we have no other solution but that. We have to destroy any hurdles in our way and what unites us is the religion of love.

*What did you say?

**You heard what I said and if you do not agree with me on this, then we must not see each other again.

*Please try to see another solution.

** I have been thinking about it and there is no other solution.

*What am I going to tell my family and friends and what the church people would say?

 ** It is your choice now. Make up your mind it is either me or your family and your Christianity. I will give you two days to think about it and if you choose me I will see you at the train station with your suitcase and if you did not come then forget about me forever.


I pretended I was crying and she cried sincerely and at the same time I appointed for her time to come and she came and we went to Cairo and to my fathers home. She opened her suitcase and I found that filthy thing, it was her bible I was very angry, for the angels will not enter our home and this thing is here.

She said that she sacrificed her Christianity and her family and the church for my sake so that our love would prevail and she is praying day and night until I have the chance to be baptized. At that time I was controlling my irritation and at the same time I was laughing at her naivety.

We sat at the breakfast and after that we went out for a coffee and we started the preparation, how she will handle the confrontation with the priests and with her family. She had intense meetings with the Muslim clergymen and Muslim women to prepare her for the conversion.

We used the same drugs to take charge over her emotions and willpower, we put the drugs in her food as usual and she became very submissive to whatever we said to her. This went on for a whole month.

At the same time her family searched everywhere, they went to the nuns monastery, she told them she was going to that monastery, the nuns said they have not seen her. They went every monastery but she was nowhere at all.

They figured out by then that the daughter was kidnapped and they reported the matter to the police; which refused to report the incidence as kidnapping and report it as missing. The police force had a role in this plot, to cover up and stretched the time of investigations so the Muslims clerics have their time to prepare the girl to the confrontation with her family and the priests. Finally because her family caused a stir to find the girl by sending faxes and many complaints, the state security located the girl at one of the legitimate Islamic groups in Giza. By then we had time to submit an application to the authority to convert the girl to Islam, that was a brutal shock to her family, friends and her church for they knew that she had a strong faith and she had good morals as well as she was one of the choir group of the church, she was regular at the church and she said I am going to one of the monasterys to have a quite time with the Lord, how that happened? There were no answers to any questions.

The meeting happened in the police station and we organized that the meeting would go on with the presence of one of the police sergeant who was famous for his intimidating presence; he was so ugly as well as he had a huge built and he was trained to be a master in putting fear in the heart of people. He was there with some of the police officers; we used to pay a lot of money for this sergeant just to intimidate the Christians girls.

The girl had a meeting with her family and two the priests for three hours and all she uttered was: there is no god but Allah- it is finished- leave me alone- I love you very much- please do not be upset with me and she was weeping badly. One of the priests tried to discus with her, her new belief in Islam but she did not answer him except with few words as well as crying badly. Every time she would gain some courage the sergeant would tap with his fingers on the disk to get her attention and she would get frightened.

The meeting with the family and the priest was absolute disappointment and they left the police station totally devastated.

We finished the paper work in a record time and we gave her a Muslim name, it was Shimaa and she received her a new I.D. card that declares that she is now a Muslim girl.

And with that I have finished my mission, for I will not marry her no matter what was the price and I have received my reward which was forty thousands pounds, it was a large sum of money. I disappeared from the picture and she searched for me everywhere to marry her. Finally she found me and asked me when are we going to get married?

*I have done what you want from me.

**What do you want from me?

*We should get married; I went through all these troubles for our love.

**What love are you talking about? Did you love your religion to be able to love a man?

*Yes I have loved you and you loved me.

**You have betrayed all your family and every thing and I do not trust you, you would sell your soul for another man, besides you are a Christian and you are a lower grade of a human been.

*You made me forsake everything for you.

**I have don you a favor by making you become a Muslim, the best religion, and for your own information I am a married man and my wife was an infidel like you.

*I cannot believe that, I am utterly shocked in you.

**Now you go and work as a low grade cleaner in a Muslim day care until we find some one agrees to marry you and chastise you.

When she heard that she collapsed and fainted for a long time. Now she was severely depressed, she had disturbing symptoms where she wakes up from her sleep with a loud screaming and cries badly, she did that for a long time though we choose a husband for her. We found a husband who used to sell food on a push carriage, which is illegal in Egypt and we got them a room in one of Cairo cheep area.

I cannot say enough about how bad this husband treated her; he was so abusive beyond comprehension and I used to enjoy seeing her in continuous tears and humiliation, one time she said to me; may the Lord avenge me from you and I looked at her and spit on her and said I will do that to the rest of your family.

She was a wife to this husband for nine month and she became pregnant but she had a miscarriage because the husband was beating her so savagely. In the end he divorced her and she had no accommodation by now. One of the Muslim took her to work as laborer in one the little town hospitals and she was sleeping in any where on the floor for she had no place to stay.

She lived miserably until one Christian doctor had compassion on her and took her to work in his clinic; he was risking his life by doing that for she was a Christian girl before (the law in Egypt says if any Christian person help a converted Christian to Islam he can face charges for they are sure the Christian person will try to steer her back to Christianity)

She told the Christian doctor that she never believed in Islam and his messenger or his god. She would wish if she could live in her father house on the bare floor again. This went on for few months until I got baptized and I searched for her, I went to the doctor who was a perfect example of the true Christian person who took Jesus as an example and followed His steps. I talked to that doctor and to her, I wept in front of her and asked for her forgiveness for all the atrocity I have caused her. She made no comments expect she was crying badly. I asked her if we can pray together with my wife and we did and I saw her smile back again.

We left her with a promise that I will go to her family and confess of every thing to them. I did go to them and I saw the joy in their eyes, they were also sad to what she ended up to, they were longing to see her again.

I found true Christian love in her family, they were not angry at me but on the contrary they thanked me and accepted me and that made me weep, because of their love, I wept for all the pain I have caused them, this family truly know the Lord Jesus, know that God is love and know that He is a merciful and compassionate God.

What happened with every other girl happened with her, love and forgiveness prevailed over any other anger and resentment.

She came to her father bosom and said the same verse of the prodigal son what he said to his father in the gospel of Luke.

She now lives thanking, worshiping and praying to God.

She lives with one of her sibling and his family in the big Cairo.


Let the name of the Lord Jesus Christ be glorified.


Now I work in serving the Lord Jesus christ and I am a believer in Him and his salvation and have faith that my name is written in the book of life, how much I have wished that I would not be forced to leave Egypt, but it was an absolute must because my father had declared that I deserve to be killed (that is one of Islam teachings, if any one convert from Islam to Christianity, he deserved that his blood to be shed and be killed.) I had to leave Egypt for the sake of my wifes family, in the Islam teachings, they deserve to be killed also because they were accused of performing black witchcraft over me to blind me to leave the righteous religion, Islam, and convert to Christianity, and became one of the infidels.

I counted all privilege to be prosecuted for the sake of my Lord Jesus Christ. How I am sorry for my life that I have wasted away from Him and repented of whatever persecution I have caused for His people, I truly missed on many years away from Him.

I have found a similar story in the book of acts, chapter nine, I knew what a great and mighty God and how great is His compassion, and He does not want the sinner to parish but have an everlasting life.

After I was baptized I used to go to the church during the holy forty days lent and in the prayer time I used to feel the fervent of the prayers and its power. I used to make fun of the Christian and call them the crazy Christian. I used to smell the incense in the church, it was a strange smell but it was so beautiful and more than beautiful. I loved the way they worshiped the Lord.

I say the truth, I did not want to leave Egypt at all, I wanted to serve the Lord in Egypt but my wifes family suggested that I should leave Egypt; they were very concerned about our safety, my wife and myself.

My wife and me decided to look for the girls I have deceived and steer them back to Christianly at any cost, and we did. It was very difficult for I have spent all my money for this new goal. I have succeeded to bring some back to Christianly and we are praying for the rest of them.

For my wife and me, life became so dangerous for us in egypt, which made my father in-law make us leave Egypt and go to another country.

I tried to get a visa to leave Egypt but they refused to issue me the visa many times in the embassies in Cairo (the people who work there, they are manly Muslims.) my wife succeeded to have a tourist visa and went to the country of the freedom, USA. I was free to serve Jesus after my wife left, I was not worried about her any more, it was four month alone in Egypt, I felt that the hand of the Almighty God was upon me and taking care of me. This time was the best time of my life where I worked for Jesus as a servant in disguise. At the same time my father was still working in the same satanic scheme, to convert Christian girl to Islam, but with the grace of God many girls have came back, we are so grateful to the Lord for that.

I beseech every one to pray with us for these souls who are still lost and they did not know the truth of the Lord, for God (desires all men to be saved and to come to the knowledge of the truth.) {1 Tim 2: 4}

I have written about the misery I have lived and practiced and if it were not for the love of the Lord Jesus for me I would not be writing these things now. I am not writing this that you despise them or read these pages for sheer fun or hate some of the people you know but my purpose is, that we may learn a lesson from our mistakes. I have mentioned some examples of the Wolfs, which come clothed like sheep, this kind of people is very common now and they are everywhere.

I wanted every one to be cautious of the tactics that are being used now to deceive the girls and one of them is that, the muslim man will convince the Christian girl that he is a Christian man and he will go to the church with her as way of deceiving her, for they believe that the war is a deception. My purposes also are to warn the fathers and alert the mothers to observe and examine their behaviors and conducts, to see if any thing need to be changed according to Gods ways, it is the duty of the father and mother to work on raising up the children on Godly principals according to the word of God.

I want to say that I did not write this to stir anger against your friends, hostility and hatred in your feeling towards others.

I fear that some girls thinks they can go through this nightmare and come out of it with no consequences for I know there are many girls wish to come back to Christianity but their come back is impossible because the law in Egypt punish any one leaves Islam to Christianity.

 This was my personal story.

     (Now to him who is able to keep you from falling and to present you without blemish before the presence of his glory with rejoicing) {Jude 24} 

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